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The Midwest of Cannon Falls PHB Collection
The entire collection is RETIRED!


All PHBs are brand new and in MINT condition with original boxes unless otherwise stated.

The PHB collection is retired! Prices are subject to change at any time. The price of the box is guaranteed to be whatever it is priced at when you add to your cart and check out. Other than that, there are no price guarantees. Quantities are definately limited and we are selling out AND raising prices on some that we are down to the last one. Don't hesitate to complete your collection, stock will not last forever, they are not being produced any longer.

The listings are being removed as we sell out, have you noticed all of the boxes that have gone bye-bye this month?! The licensed boxes are really getting harder and harder to come by.

Frequent visitors, CLICK HERE to view our newest RETIRED additions to the website!

Two ways to find a PHB: Browse by category or search on a keyword.
Browse the PHB Collection By Category:
Click on the drop down menu arrow, highlight your category selection, and press go.


Search the PHB Collection:

Enter word(s), partial word(s) with wildcards (*) and/or phrase(s) enclosed in quotes.

NOTE: This is a copyrighted book and any reselling and/or copying of this book or parts of this book are strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized copying or adaption of this book will constitute an infringement of copyright and we will take legal action.

"The pHb Collectors Guide" $25.00
Reference List of over 819 phbs!

We are working on the Edition 2 now - check back later. Books are NOT returnable for any reason. A complete reference guide that lists over 800 phbs - this is every single pHb ever made by Midwest of Cannon Falls from 1994 through 2000 - the whole shebang!! Includes suggested Original Retail Price, Part Number, Date of Introduction, and Availability information such as whether or not it is retired, and limited editions are noted.
Note: This pHb Collectors Guide Edition One is not a picture book, it is an easy to read listing format that is meant to provide reference of the entire Midwest of Cannon Falls pHb Collection produced to date.
WOW! Did you realize Midwest has produced this many different phbs?!?!?!!!

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Retailers please note: We do not wholesale. Do not call to ask about our suppliers. We do not have catalogs to mail out.


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