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The vases are glossy ceramic of various sizes. The larger vases are between 10" to 11" tall and completely hollow inside so they can hold a bunch of long stemmed flowers! The collection started out with 6 vases and grew due to popularity. Each vase is named to match her personality! I didn't name them, they come this way. Fashionable & Fun!! In this collection you'll find Cat Vases, Lady Pins, Oil Diffusers, Vase Magnets, Cookie Jars & More! Prices start at 6.00!

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July 2005 Retired & Discontinued!! The Susan Paley Lady Vase Collection is retired. We now have a "Collectors Guide" which features the entire collection!

Sorry to say, all of the items in the Susan Paley Lady Vases collection been discontinued by the distributor. As the pieces are selling out, we will sadly miss these girls in our shop. Our Susan Paley Lady Vase Collectors Guide is now available!

  • Color Pictures of EVERY piece made!
  • Over 200 items - the entire Lady Vase collection.
  • Original Retail Values & Stock Numbers.
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    Susan Paley Collection - List only

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    News About the Susay Paley Vases

    January 2006 CAT VASES!!!!! We have all been waiting a LONG time for some new Susan Paley designs. Well, here they FINALLY are - porcelain cat vases - incredible detail and designs. Love them!!

    November 15, 2002 New designs!!! Maria, Karen, & Madison! Bride vases that convert to everyday vases!! I love them, you will too! Look in category "Romantic Ladies".

    September 21, 2002 New girls on the scene: Samantha, Bonnie, Stacy, Melissa, Emma, and Elaine! You will find them in the Little Ladies, Lady Vases Series 3, and the Salt & Peppers.

    July 18, 2002 First shipment of the new ladies arrived today, everything came in except Brittany. If your preordered, we will start shipping on Monday.

    Please read: Updated July 08, 2002! Announcing new gals!!!!! I have just reorganized the categories and added new girls to the Little Lady Magnet collection, the Little Lady collection, the Romantic collection, the Lady Bag collection, and the new Fan Pulls! As you can guess, they are BEAUTIFUL and the more the merrier!! I have filled up a double window-ledge here with the girls and they sure do brighten the place up! You can Pre-order the coming soons' now! As always, no charges to your card until I ship. Below, each of the categories with the "new" sign have some new characters! Take a peek!!

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